How to connect to your Home and Shared drives on Mac OS


This article is intended to instruct on how to connect your University or a personal machine to your home and share drives. The home drive allows University employees network storage for backing up Saint Peter's-related files. Files stored on your Home drive can only be accessed by you on Saint Peter's network, also you cannot grant access to anyone else. The shared drive is intended for Departmental files that need to be shared/referenced.  


University Employees


How to add the home and share drive

Click on your desktop then in the toolbar click “Go” then select “Connect to Server...”

The following window will open this is where you will need to type the server address for your 

  • home drive “smb://fs1/home/”SPUusername” (ex:smb//fs1/home/cnunezrodriguez) 

  • Shared drive “smb://fs1/shared/DepartmentName" (ex:smb//fs1/shared/Department)

the Click “+”  and your home drive and the same for the shared drive will now show up in “Favorite Servers” Select “Connect”  to connect to the server:


Once you have clicked “connect” you will be prompted to sign in  using your SPU username and password

*Please note that if you are off-campus you will need to connect to VPN first before signing in. 

You have successfully connected your home drive and shared drive! You will see "fs1" on the left side of your finder window. 




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