Accessing Course Evaluation Surveys On SPIRIT Online


This article demonstrates the steps to access Course Evaluations On SPIRIT Online





  1. To access course evaluations, students must log into their SPIRIT Online

  1. To confirm they are logged into their account, rather than Welcome Guest on the left hand side, it should say Welcome “ Student Name”.

  2. Once confirmed, students should click the STUDENTS tab option on the right hand side. It is located under Accepted Applicants.

  3. When Students access the Students menu, they should go under Academic Profile and Click My Course Eval Surveys.

  5. Upon clicking My Course Eval Surveys, students will be able to access the course evaluations for each individual course they are currently enrolled in.

   6. Click into the course and when you are ready to start your Course Evaluation, click SUBMIT. Please Note: Once you start the survey, you can not go back. You will have 60 minutes to complete the survey


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