How to Set Up Voicemail



This article describes how to create an automated voice mail on the Avaya phone.  This is done when IT Client Services need to change its automated voice messaging system in the event of our schedule changes and we need to inform clients who call.  For example, this is done when we are away for the Winter Holidays, or if we are working four days a week over the summer instead of the standard five days.  Please note that all recorded messages must be approved by the IT Client Services manager before proceeding.


Internal to IT


  1. Either create or received an approved script by the IT Client Services Manager.
  2. Dial extension 6001 (201-761-6001) to access the voice mail
  3. Enter extension 7803, follow by the #, to access IT Client Service Desk voice mail
  4. Enter password 2170 to access the ITS Service Desk voice mail settings
  5. When prompted, press 3 to access the "Administer Personal Greeting" settings
  6. Press 1 to create a new greeting.  You
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