Service Description

Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Saint Peter's University, hosting digital courses for each class taught at the University. It allows faculty to communicate with, provide course materials to, assess, and grade their students. All enrolled students have a Blackboard account, and will typically find their course syllabus, assignments, course documents, discussion boards, and even exams posted on their Blackboard course. All correspondence on Blackboard will go to the recipient's SPU email address.

Blackboard is also used to host programs, workshops, events, and community groups, as well as training materials. 

Available To

Enrolled Saint Peters University Students, and Current SPU Faculty. All SPU employees have also been provided Blackboard access.



You must be an enrolled, current SPU student, or a current SPU employee, faculty member or eligible contractor/volunteer to access. You will need to be logged into your SPU Google account to access Blackboard. If you are not, you will be prompted to log in. For more information on accessing Blackboard, please see our article on How to access Applications using your SPU Email Address.


Support Contact

You can access this service by clicking Request Service above. If you need additional assistance with requesting this service, please complete an LMS Consultation, or contact Client Services