Dual Camera Hybrid Flexible Classroom Technology


This article describes how to operate a dual camera Hybrid Flexible classroom located in Pope Hall such as 303.




  1. Press the Power Button to turn on the system in the classroom.  The lit up buttons reflect the current selections.
  2. Computer (1) to display the Desktop Computer
  3. Computer (2) to display the laptop (connected via HDMI located in the pop up connector on the podium)
  4. Wirelessly present using Airtame, then follow the instructions on the screen to connect your laptop.
  5. Display to the Blu-Ray/DVD player.
  6. When in a virtual meeting (Google Meet, Zoom),select the front camera that shows the students in class.
  7. Select the rear camera that shows the instructor.
  8. Turn the confidence monitor in the back of the room on or off.
  9. Mute button to turn the volume on and off.  Adjust the knob to increase or decrease volume.

This classroom is configured with a Google Jamboard. Jamboard is a virtual whiteboard that allows you to write notes digitally, save, and share with your class. Please use the Jamboard app, available via saintpeters.edu/myapps.  On the right hand side of the Jamboard app, you can share  your session to the Jamboard so the class can view it in class or remotely.  


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