What is My SPU Username/UserID and Log In Information?


There are many different systems managed by Information Technology Client Services - Most of them use the same log in credentials. This article goes over the various systems offered and what log in credential format can be used to access them, as well as common term definitions.  




Spirit ID: This is a 7 digit number, that starts with "0". It is your official university identification, and is used in a variety of places for identification purposes. Treat this number like you would treat your Social Security number - do not share it with others except with university employees when they may require verification of identity. This number can be found on the back of your OneCard. If you do not know your SpiritID and you are a student, reach out to enrollment services. If you are a Faculty member or University Employee and you do not know your Spirit ID, reach out to the HR Department. 

OneCard: This is your ID card, containing your SPiritID, Email address, and Username on it. You can use this to open doors on campus, and add funds for meal plans and printing services. For more information about your OneCard, visit this page. 

Password: This is your password to use in conjunction with your Username/UserID. You will need to set this up for the first time using the ReACT Password Reset tool. Your password is valid for 180 days - after which you will be required to reset it using the ReACT tool in order to access.

Username/UserID: This is usually used as the login name to access systems. It typically consists of the student/faculty/staff member's first initial followed by their complete last name (for students, this is typically followed by a number as well). 

Example: If you are a student and your name is Jay Gatsby, and you were a freshman in 2017, your UserID would most likely be jgatsby17. If you are a staff or faculty member and your name is Tom Sawyer, your UserID is most likely tsawyer. 

If you do not know your Username and you are a student, reach out to enrollment services. If you are a Faculty member or University Employee and you do not know your Username, reach out to the HR Department. 

Systems where you will use your Username/UserID and Password Combination to log in:

Blackboard (Faculty and Students only)

Campus Computers/Classroom Terminal Access

Ellucian Colleague (Staff and Faculty Only)

Entrisik Informer (Staff and Faculty Only)

Gaming Console Registration Portal

MyPrintCenter Portal


ReACT (Password Reset System)

Saint Peter's Intranet (Faculty and Staff only)


SPU Email (Gmail)* 

SPU Mobile App

TeamDynamix (Client Portal)

WiFi /Internet Access

*Note - when you access these systems, your Username/UserID will contain the @saintpeters.edu part of your email address. using the above example, if Jay Gatsby is attempting to log into their University Email, they would need to input jgatsby17@saintpeters.edu as the Username.



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