Blackboard Assignment Submission/Grading Tool Visibility Issue Workaround


In Blackboard's "New Box" inline grading view, submitted assignments display for both students who have submitted them, and graders within the course. At this time, if your browser disables 3rd party cookies, the "New Box" inline grading may not display correctly. This article contains information on what browsers may be affected and current workarounds. 

This article is relevant for Students as they may experience this issue with loading the screen displaying the rendering of the submission after submitting assignments, and for Faculty, as they may experience this issue with loading the student's rendering of the submission when grading. 

NOTE: This issue will not at all affect or impact students' ability to submit assignments, or faculty's ability to grade assignments.




When a user attempts to view documents within Blackboard Learn's Inline Grading Interface and the New Box View service using a browser that has blocked 3rd-party cookies, the user will see a blank page and the New Box View service and submitted document never fully load.

Affected Platforms

Any browser with 3rd party cookies disabled.


After the New Box View service has been enabled, when a user goes into the Inline Grading interface within Blackboard Learn the New Box View service does not load. Instead the user sees a blank space in place of the iframe containing the New Box View service. Users see a blank space because disabling 3rd-party cookies blocks the New Box View from being able to convert and display documents within the iframe in Blackboard Learn. Therefore, the New Box View service requires requires the use of cookies to render documents within the browser.


Some browsers (such as Safari) disable the use of 3rd-party by default but allow users to enable the use of cookies on a per-site or all at once. Users may follow these steps to allow Box's cookies to be stored on their device and prevent this issue from occurring:

  1. Browser Settings or Preferences > Privacy
  2. Select “Always allow” (or similar)
  3. Refresh the page with the viewer on it
  4. Return to Browser Settings or Preferences and revert to the default of “Allow from websites I visit” (or similar)

If 3rd-party cookies must be disabled, some browsers allow for domain exceptions to be added. Please Allow [*.] (Chrome) or (Firefox). Please see browser and New Box View documentation for further instructions.

Document Links

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