Blackboard login issues - Authentication Expired

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This document addresses how to get past one of the errors you may encounter when attempting to log into Blackboard, the one that states "the authentication request has expired”






If you see an error such as picture below that says  “unable to log into your account using Single sign-on because the authentication request has expired” you can follow these step to get logged into Blackboard.


In the same browser go back to where you have GMAIL open, click in the upper and then click Sign out


This will bring you back to the GMAIL login page.  Be sure your Saint Peter’s account is selected when logging back in.  Then enter your password and click Next


Once you are logged back into your Saint Peter’s GMAIL account, click the “waffle icon” and the the “Blackboard icon” as indicated by the blue arrows below


At this point you should be logged into Blackboard and seeing the “My Institution” home page.




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