Personalizing My Course List in Blackboard


This article demonstrates how instructors can personalize their My Course list in Blackboard




Note: As instructors teach more courses, their course list will increase and personalization will provide a way for instructors to organize their courses based on term.

  1. When logged into Blackboard, hover over MY COURSES and you will see a tool icon appear on the right hand side


2) click the tool icon and it will take you into PERSONALIZE: MY COURSES


3) Under COURSES YOU ARE TEACHING, select the courses you'd like to move to the top of the course list. 

4) Once selected, you will be able to drag each selected course and place them in the order you'd like


5) Along with reorganizing courses, you can also check off the course you no longer want to be viewed on your MY COURSE LIST. While the courses will still be associated with your username/account, they will be suppressed from the course list.


6) When completed, submit and the changes made will be seen under your main MY COURSES screen on the home page.



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