Recently Modified Articles

This policy covers how and when Microsoft software updates will be applied to University provided servers and endpoint devices
This article describes how to use a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) to fax documents
This article describes how to use Hybrid Flexible classroom technology
When you become part of the Saint Peter’s Community, you are assigned a user account and password. This article will provide some more information on accessing your user account.
This article describes the schedule for installing, testing and approving software updates to Colleague. This also includes the schedule for production maintenance windows related to these updates.
You can now access Saint Peter’s Intranet from the convenience of your SPU Google account, either through the “Google Apps” Dashboard or “Waffle” menu.
Pantheon will replace for the website. This article presents the new method for logging on to the Pantheon site Dashboard.
This article presents the correct method to log into the PeacockConnect portal to access Student Organizations and Events.
This article describes how to scan a document and save it to your google drive from a Multi-Function Printer (MFP).
This article describes how to use a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) to scan a document and email it to yourself.
This article describes how to release and pick up print jobs from a Multi-Function Printer using your OneCard.
This article describes how to add the new Multi-Function (MFP) Printers to a University-owned Windows computer.
This article explains how to access private content in the IT Client Portal such as to submit new tickets or projects, review or update current tickets or projects, etc.
This article contains the University's IT Project Request Policy which helps explain the criteria for distinguishing IT project requests from other types of IT requests and the acceptable process to engage with the Division of IT on any University projects with a technology component.
This article demonstrates the steps to close one GL fiscal year and (at a later time) open the next fiscal year
This article describes how to install a VPN onto a laptop.  VPN allows an employee to access Saint Peter's network from a public or personal WIFI network.
While there are several different types of classrooms at Saint Peter's University, Degnan Conference (located in Saint Peter's Hall) and Pope Lecture Hall (PLH) uses different controls for presentation purposes with the available technology.  This article demonstrates how to use the control panel to project/display presentation materials to your students.
This article will teach you how to download and access VPN
This article shows the steps needed to print using My Print Center. This is the only way to send documents directly from your personal device to a Saint Peter's printer. This method can also be used from University-owned devices.
Blackboard's SafeAssign Plagiarism checker can be used to check for Plagiarism on student's assignment submissions, if enabled, and the student completes these submissions through the LMS. In cases where Plagiarism is suspected, and the SafeAssign service is not enabled in an assignment, or the student fails to use the LMS to submit a digital copy, the Instructing Faculty may use the DirectSubmit service to check the file for possible plagiarism.
The Blackboard Text Editor, or Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE) is typically the “Description” field where instructors will add information about a course element they have created. This is also used when instructors provide feedback to students when grading, and where messages to the class or individual students are composed. This field contains many options and features which will be identified in this article.
The results of Tests conducted through Blackboard are accessible to students, as long as this has been enabled by the course's instructor. This article shows a demonstration of how to view results of a graded exam/test/quiz on Blackboard, and the steps to take to access this information.
For online classes, it is recommended that Faculty utilize virtual "office hours" during which students are encouraged to reach out and ask questions about their course or assignments. This article demonstrates several methods and tools that can be used for faculty to conduct office hours virtually, in addition to best practices.
The Zoom collaboration tool has recently released a service that automatically transcribes audio from Zoom meetings. If a meeting host enables this feature, it allows meeting participants to view subtitles as well as access and download a full live transcript at any point during the meeting. This article demonstrates how to enable the Live Transcript feature within a meeting (for Zoom Meeting Hosts), and how to use this feature as a Zoom meeting participant to view subtitles and transcription.
Blackboard courses are exported from Colleague approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of the term, however, this is subject to change, and is typically determined and scheduled several months before the projected start of an upcoming term. This article reflects the current export schedule.