Recently Modified Articles

This article demonstrates the steps to access Course Evaluations On SPIRIT Online
This article details the steps each user needs to perform the first time they log into each Bloomberg computer in Dinneen G08.
Set of steps for accepting email delegation and how to access those accounts.
The Grading Schema on Blackboard is a feature that converts the numerical values of graded assignments/assessments into letters, based on a map. This also can be used to allow faculty to enter in letter grades and have them calculate a numerical value based on a designated range set up in the schema. This training will explain how to set up, configure, and apply a grading schema in a Blackboard course.
The article demonstrates the steps for instructors to create and update a Grade Schema in a course
Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Saint Peter's University, hosting digital courses for each class taught at the University. It allows faculty to communicate with, provide course materials to, assess, and grade their students.
This article answers common technical questions received by IT Client Services at the start of each semester.
Multi-Factor Authentication (Also known as MFA, Dual-Factor or Two-Factor Authentication) adds an additional level of security to software or devices that you access, by requiring you to verify your identity using more than one method. This article identifies what MFA is, its importance in maintaining data security, and ways you may encounter it.
This article provides information on TutorMe, and how to contact TutorMe Support for concerns or issues.
This article instructs Saint Peter's University voice mail users on how to create, activate and delete personal greetings. Replaces Article 101629 ("Changing Voice Mail Greetings").
This article provides the steps to transfer from voice mail to an extension, a convenient feature, particularly if you are calling from a non Avaya PBX phone.  You will not have to hang up, dial the full phone number and incur an additional cost.
This policy outlines access to administrative permissions/privileges for University-owned computers.
This policy stipulates constraints and practices that a user must agree to for access to the computing and network facilities of the University, and outlines user responsibilities, prohibited uses, and consequences of violation.
This document describes the Saint Peter’s University's policy to comply with United States law relating to copyright and to respect the property rights of authors and their assignees.
How to mark up an image using google docs
This article provides a synopsis of the Saint Peter's phone system and pertinent features.
This document describes the policy regarding classroom technology requests.
This article provides the steps to perform to retrieve your voice messages. Replaces Article 101089 ("How to Check Voice Mail").
This article provides the instructions for logging into your Saint Peter's University voice mailbox
This article provides the instructions for changing your voice mail password.
This article provides the instructions for checking and managing your outgoing voice mail (messages sent from your voice mailbox).
This article provides the instructions for recording and sending outgoing messages to subscribers from your voice mailbox instead of having to call each person's phone number.
This article provides the instructions for creating and managing voice message mailing lists. The mailing list can be used to address a message in place of having to address all recipients individually.