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Projects are temporary endeavors with a start and finish, designed to create a unique product, service, or result. Project requests start the project initiation phase and begin communication between the project sponsor and the Division of Information Technology to start planning activities.

All University projects that require IT resources of any kind must be submitted, reviewed, and approved before IT resources are committed. In order to provide the most value throughout the life of a project, a project request should be submitted soon after a need is established. Projects typically require significant involvement of staff from non-IT areas and have one or more of the following criteria:

  • Requires some type of expense to implement.
  • Introduces a new service.
  • Needs more than a few IT staff-hours to complete.
  • Include staff from multiple IT departments.

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All Employees


A clear vision for what the project would deliver and why it's valuable to the University along with a sponsor engaged in seeing it become realized.

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You can request this service by clicking Submit Project Request above but if you need additional assistance with requesting this service, please contact Client Services.

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