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Google Drive for Desktop (formerly called Google FileStream) is a desktop application that allows you to access and work directly on files that are actually stored on your Google Drive right from your computer's file browser (“File Explorer” on PC, “Finder” on Mac). This article provides resources on how to set this up and use it to access and manage your Google Drive files from your computer.
All versions of the Internet Explorer Web Browser will no longer be supported on Blackboard as of February 2019. Both students and faculty who are currently using Internet Explorer at this time are strongly advised to switch to an alternate browser.
This article contains step-by-step instructions for clearing browser cache and cookies.
In Blackboard's "New Box" inline grading view, submitted assignments display for both students who have submitted them, and graders within the course. At this time, if your browser disables 3rd party cookies, the"New Box" inline grading may not display correctly. This article contains information on what browsers may be affected and current workarounds.