First Time Login Instructions For Bloomberg Computers (G08)



The following steps need to be performed the first time a new user logs into each Bloomberg computer before running the Excel add-in.  This is only necessary the first time the user logs in, after that they can begin using the Bloomberg application as soon as they log into the machine.






  1. Log into the Bloomberg machine.
  2. Open Microsoft Excel, wait for it to load, then close the program again.
  3. Go to All Programs > Bloomberg and select Install Office Add-Ins.
  4. Once the install has completed, open the Bloomberg application and log in.
  5. Go to All Programs > Bloomberg and run API Environment Diagnostics.
  6. Run the diagnostics, select Repair after the initial diagnostic completes, then run the diagnostic a second time.



  • These steps are per machine, per user.  In other words, this has to be done the first time each user logs into each machine, it will not carry over from one Bloomberg computer to another, or from one user to another on the same Bloomberg machine.
  • After running the diagnostics, one of the checks may show a yellow triangle with a message saying “no action required” but this can safely be ignored.
  • If the repair in Step 6 doesn’t fix any remaining errors, close the diagnostics window, then go to All Programs > Bloomberg and select the option to stop the API.  Reopen and re-run the diagnostics, and the error(s) should be fixed.  If not, contact IT Client Services by submitting a ticket through the Client Portal, by phone at x7800 or by email at


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