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Instructional technology, tools, and resources directly supporting teaching and learning. Includes LMS, in-class and online course development, learning analytics, course evaluation, lecture capture, webinars, and other academic tools for faculty and students.

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Pinned Article How to Create a Student Lounge on your Blackboard Discussion Board

Blackboard's discussion forums can be used for asynchronous discussion and assessment. In addition to this, the Discussion Forum can also be a good asynchronous place for interactive FAQ's, and for students to collaborate and share articles, resources in a centralized location allowing the instructor to participate and assist as needed. This article demonstrates for Instructors how to create a Discussion Forum for these purposes - as a both a 'Student Lounge" and "Ask your Instructor" forum.

Pinned Article How to Login to Blackboard

Over Memorial Day weekend 2019, Blackboard is being upgraded, and the method by which login occurs is being changed. This article presents the new methods for logging into Blackboard.

Pinned Article Using Google Meet for Teaching and Learning

This article introduces Google Meet, an audio-video collaboration tool. Google Meet can help faculty conduct synchronous class meetings remotely, perform lecture capture and provide virtual office hours; help students to connect in groups and create multimedia project/assignment submissions, and help University staff to conduct interviews and workshops, or create training.

Adjusting Visibility/Due Dates in Blackboard with "Date Management"

In structuring a Blackboard course, Due Dates for assignments and assessments, and additionally, Visibility Dates for folders, items, and other components, are a key part of ensuring proper deployment and notification to students. The "Date Management" tool allows Course Instructors to view and alter these dates in a centralized area. This is especially useful in courses which contain many components containing visibility or due dates.

Blackboard Annotate

This article provides information on Blackboard Annotate (Bb Annotate), which replaces BB "New Box View" in Inline grading for Blackboard Assignments.

Blackboard Assignment Submission/Grading Tool Visibility Issue Workaround

In Blackboard's "New Box" inline grading view, submitted assignments display for both students who have submitted them, and graders within the course. At this time, if your browser disables 3rd party cookies, the"New Box" inline grading may not display correctly. This article contains information on what browsers may be affected and current workarounds.

Blackboard Export Schedule

Blackboard courses are exported from Colleague approximately 4 weeks prior to the start of the term, however, this is subject to change, and is typically determined and scheduled several months before the projected start of an upcoming term. This article reflects the current export schedule.

Blackboard login issues - Authentication Expired

This document addresses how to get past one of the errors you may encounter when attempting to log into Blackboard, the one that states "the authentication request has expired”

Blackboard Release/Update Schedule

Blackboard is updated on a Continuous Delivery Release Schedule. This article explains the frequency of Blackboard updates, as well as provides resources to review the latest release notes and update information.

Creating A Weighted Total In Blackboard

This article demonstrates how to create a weighted total column in Blackboard

Creating Grade Schema in Blackboard

The article demonstrates the steps for instructors to create and update a Grade Schema in a course

Dual Camera Hybrid Flexible Classroom Technology

This article describes how to use dual camera Hybrid Flexible classroom technology

Google Assignments in Blackboard

Google Assignments is a tool that allows Instructors to create, maintain and manage assignments in Google, and make them available to students via Blackboard. This article demonstrates how to add Google Assignments to your Blackboard course, and identifies resources for using this tool.

How do I check my Test/Quiz/Exam grade on Blackboard? (Students)

The results of Tests conducted through Blackboard are accessible to students, as long as this has been enabled by the course's instructor. This article shows a demonstration of how to view results of a graded exam/test/quiz on Blackboard, and the steps to take to access this information.

How do I Find Discussion Board Postings I Have Made in a Blackboard Course?

Blackboard's Discussion Boards are widely used in courses as part of assessment and assignments. This step-by-step article explains how participants in Blackboard courses with Discussion Boards can locate postings they have made in that course.

How to add an Avatar/Profile Picture on Blackboard

Blackboard Avatars allow you to share an image that will be visible to your professors, students and classmates in your courses' discussion boards and other collaboration areas. This article will guide you through how to upload an avatar as a profile image on Blackboard.

How to clear Application Cache on your Mobile Device

If you are unable to log in via an App on your mobile device after an application upgrade, change in authentication(login) method, or if the App is slow, please follow the below steps to clear the application's cache.

How to Create a PDF of your Blackboard Test

If you have created a test, quiz, or exam using Blackboard Tests, there is no direct way to export this to a readable format outside of Blackboard. This article will demonstrate steps to create a PDF file of your Blackboard Test using Google Chrome, that can be shared outside of Blackboard.

How to Create a Rubric on Blackboard

Rubrics are a grid-based evaluation system that allows for more accurate assessment of pre-defined categories, associated with one or multiple point values. Many faculty use Rubrics in some form or another when assessing. This article shows how this valuable tool can be digitized and applied in the Learning management system to assignments.

How to Create, Manage and Maintain Blackboard Tests

Using Blackboard Tests, faculty can assess students by creating quizzes, exams or tests that can utilize a variety of question types, include a timer, allow visibility control options, allow additional per-student accommodations to be made, and provide students with feedback and results in a manner that is controlled by the faculty member. This modular tutorial will cover the steps for setting up, deploying and grading a Test on Blackboard.

How to Grade using a Rubric on Blackboard

When grading assignments and discussions on Blackboard, Rubrics can be incorporated and used to guide grading. This article guides an Instructor on how to use a Rubric when performing inline grading in Blackboard, and assumes that the Instructor has already created a rubric on Blackboard to be used (for more information on this, please see "How to Create a Rubric on Blackboard")

How to use Course Reports in Blackboard

Within each Blackboard course, an instructor or course administrator can use reporting tools to retrieve data including which students accessed during specific timeframes and when; which course content was accessed, how many times it was accessed, and how long students spent logged in to the course. This article provides a tutorial on how to access and generate two of the most common Blackboard Course reports and how to analyze the results.

How to Use the Control Panel in Pope Classrooms

The following documentation provides information to show how to use the Control Panel in the 3rd fl. classrooms in Pope Hall.

Hybrid Flexible Classroom Technology

This article describes how to use Hybrid Flexible classroom technology

I Can't Find Anything in My Blackboard Course (Left Menu will not open)

This article resolves a common issue that occurs when a Blackboard user attempts to access a Blackboard course in a windowed screen (the menu is contracted), providing details about how to expand the left navigational menu.

Internet Explorer Browser Not Recommended for Blackboard

All versions of the Internet Explorer Web Browser will no longer be supported on Blackboard as of February 2019. Both students and faculty who are currently using Internet Explorer at this time are strongly advised to switch to an alternate browser.

Java 11 Corretto JDK Readiness on Blackboard

To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, With the release of version 3800.2 for SaaS Continuous Delivery in February 2020, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK. This article provides a link to a current summary of the status of key Learn Building Blocks and the current status with JDK 11 support, as well as an FAQ for the general public.

Reconciling Cancelled Course Sections on Colleague to Fix Enrollment Sync in Blackboard

There are occasionally situations in which a course section on Colleague is "cancelled" for the purpose of modifying the course's name or ID. In these situations, extra steps need to be taken to ensure that the corresponding Blackboard shell is modified (instead of a new Blackboard shell being created), and that the enrollment data is re-mapped so it will flow to this existing Blackboard shell. This article explains the steps that need to be taken to ensure that this occurs properly.

Refreshing a LIVE Excel Sheet

This article demonstrates the steps to refresh a LIVE Excel sheet

Safari Browser Compatibility issues with Blackboard Learn

Following the April 3, 2018 update of the Safari Web browser to Version 11.1, Safari Users have experienced several compatibility issues with Blackboard Learn. This article defines these issues and identifies a workaround.

Saint Peter’s University Web Tool Support Information

Saint Peter’s University utilizes a variety of instructional tools in its distance learning courses, and those tools may also be used in non-distance learning courses. This guide will help locate support for these tools.

Setting up and grading a Blackboard Discussion Board

The Discussion Board allows for asynchronous discussion and collaboration to take place within a Blackboard course. A Discussion Board can be used for Student Lounges, FAQs, as well as graded assignment, assessment and project submissions. This article explains the components of a Discussion Board and demonstrates how to set up forums and grade submissions.

Setting/Fixing the Entry Point on your Blackboard Course

The default Course Entry point (where both students and instructors land after clicking on the course to access it) is "Announcements". The instructor or Course Admin can change the course entry point, and in some cases, may do this accidentally. This article discusses various ways that the course's entry point can be changed, and in case of an issue, how to reset it manually.

Submitting, Managing and Troubleshooting Assignments on Blackboard (for Students)

Blackboard courses make frequent use of Assignments, which require students to submit files or text to their instructor for grading. This article identifies the elements of Assignments, steps students will need to take to submit assignments, and troubleshooting information relating to Blackboard Assignment submissions.

The Blackboard Text Editor

The Blackboard Text Editor, or Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE) is typically the “Description” field where instructors will add information about a course element they have created. This is also used when instructors provide feedback to students when grading, and where messages to the class or individual students are composed. This field contains many options and features which will be identified in this article.

Tips for Virtual Office Hours & Student Meetings

For online classes, it is recommended that Faculty utilize virtual "office hours" during which students are encouraged to reach out and ask questions about their course or assignments. This article demonstrates several methods and tools that can be used for faculty to conduct office hours virtually, in addition to best practices.

Transitioning to Remote Course Delivery

This article will provide guidance and best practices for suggestions on how to prepare your classes in advance of a disruption, and procedures you can follow to ensure you are still able to reach and teach your students if any shutdown or incident prevents your class from assembling on campus.

Uploading a document through SafeAssign in Blackboard

This article demonstrates the steps in uploading a document through SafeAssign in Blackboard

Uploading YouTube videos to Blackboard

This article demonstrates how students can add YouTube videos on Blackboard

Using Blackboard Ally's File Transformer Website to Generate Alternate Format Files

Blackboard Ally is a powerful tool that allows files in a Blackboard course to be downloaded as alternate formats, allowing greater accessibility for students. Ally has developed a stand-alone website which allows individuals to perform this task outside of a course. Anyone at Saint Peter's University can use this tool. This article demonstrates the steps to generate alternative file formats using the Ally File Transformer Website.

Using Google Docs to Produce Word Documents (.DOCX) and PDF (.PDF) files

As Saint Peter's University is a "Google School", all faculty, staff, and students have access to this suite of tools. Google Docs is a powerful tool, as it allows files to be created and accessed across all platforms, browsers and devices in a single web-based format. However, there are many applications that our community use, in which specific file types need to be utilized, such as Word documents (.DOCX) or PDF files. The focus of this article is how to use Google Docs to produce these.

Using Google Meet for Lecture Capture

Google Meet has a Recording feature which allows faculty to record their sessions, and share these recordings with their students. This article demonstrates several ways that Faculty can use Google Meet to create a "Lecture Capture" in Google Meet by recording a presentation, then sharing the recording with their students.

Using SafeAssign's DirectSubmit to check for Plagiarism on Assignments not submitted on Blackboard

Blackboard's SafeAssign Plagiarism checker can be used to check for Plagiarism on student's assignment submissions, if enabled, and the student completes these submissions through the LMS. In cases where Plagiarism is suspected, and the SafeAssign service is not enabled in an assignment, or the student fails to use the LMS to submit a digital copy, the Instructing Faculty may use the DirectSubmit service to check the file for possible plagiarism.

What is My SPU Username/UserID and Log In Information?

This article goes over the various systems offered and what login credential format can be used to access them, as well as common term definitions.

What's New On Blackboard for Fall 2020

During Spring and Summer 2020, We have been working on creating updated documentation for faculty related to online teaching and learning. This article contains these resources and guides to assist faculty teaching in Fall 2020.