Adjusting Visibility/Due Dates in Blackboard with "Date Management"


In structuring a Blackboard course, Due Dates for assignments and assessments, and additionally, Visibility Dates for folders, items, and other components, are a key part of ensuring proper deployment and notification to students. The "Date Management" tool allows Course Instructors to view and alter these dates in a centralized area. This is especially useful in courses which contain many components containing visibility or due dates. 



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First, enter your Blackboard Course. 

On the lower left side, in the Control Panel, go to Course Tools. From here, select "Date Management".

If Date Management has been run previously, you will see the results of the last run and the time stamp. If running for the first time, you will see a menu with the below three options. Option #1 is not relevant at this time, and Option #2 will simply move all current dates forward or backwards by a specific number that you input. For more options and to be able to modify dates and times individually, choose Option 3: "List all dates for review".

Click Start, and it will run. 


Once it has completed, you will be able to click "Next" to go to the next screen, which lists all the items and their current dates. This page lists any items which have dates associated with them, as well as the classification of the item, and what the date(s) currently are. 


To modify one date, click the "pencil" icon to the right of that item. You will now be able to set a new date and time for that item to either: 

  • Be Due
  • Start visibility ("Turn on" for students)
  • End visibility ("Turn off" for students)

After adding the new date/time, click the green checkbox to submit and save it, or the "undo" arrow to cancel and revert it. If you update it, you will see a box under that item that indicates it has been updated. 

If you want to adjust multiple dates in bulk, tick the boxes next to them, and click "Adjust Dates" at the top or bottom. This will not let you change the time, but will let you move the dates "forward" or "backward" in time.

Once updated, you will see the same "updated" box appear for your selected entries. 


The top of this tool also has filtering options - you can filter by type of item:


and/or, you can filter by type of date - whether it's a due date or a visibility date. 


By default, the items are sorted by their name, but you can sort based on the other headers, such as Due, Starts, and Ends, or filter in reverse order.  

Note that some objects may have multiple availabilities - a due date in addition to a start/end date, or both a start/end date, or all 3. When you click the pencil icon to "edit" it, it lets you change any, or all of these. 

The changes you make occur instantly in the course, so there is no need to "submit" a final page. When you're done, simply navigate back into your course, or exit if you are completed. 

It's important to note that Date Management cannot be used to remove structural components nor add or edit them, only to modify the date and time associated with that component's visibility setting, or indication of being due. 


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