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There is a known issue with downloading and accessing files from Blackboard using the Microsoft Edge Browser, specifically Microsoft Office documents. This article provides information about this issue and a workaround solution.
The McGraw-Hill Connect Building Block was discontinued as of December 30, 2021. In December 2021, a new connection was set up with McGraw-Hill to replace this using an LTIA tool. Following January 1, 2022, faculty who use McGraw-Hill Connect in their courses will access it from a different area of their blackboard course than they used to. This article includes step by step instructions on how to set up the new connection and how to contact McGraw-Hill.
This article demonstrates the steps in blending two courses for blackboard use
This article demonstrates how instructors can personalize their My Course list in Blackboard
The Grading Schema on Blackboard is a feature that converts the numerical values of graded assignments/assessments into letters, based on a map. This also can be used to allow faculty to enter in letter grades and have them calculate a numerical value based on a designated range set up in the schema. This training will explain how to set up, configure, and apply a grading schema in a Blackboard course.
The article demonstrates the steps for instructors to create and update a Grade Schema in a course
Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) for Saint Peter's University, hosting digital courses for each class taught at the University. It allows faculty to communicate with, provide course materials to, assess, and grade their students.
This article answers common technical questions received by IT Client Services at the start of each semester.
The Attendance feature on Blackboard helps instructors manually keep track of their students' attendance in a class, and creates a grade center column, allowing for calculation of an attendance grade. The tool itself has many different functions and ways to use it. This article introduces the Attendance tool and showcases how it works and can be accessed, as well as what settings are available within the tool.
This article provides steps into adjusting student with multiple registration records
If you are an instructor and wish to use Zoom for your course, we have added an integration that allows you to set up/schedule Zoom Meetings for your course within your Blackboard shell. This article demonstrates how to add this link to your Blackboard course.
FAQ for Accessing Google, Troubleshooting guide
Blackboard is updated on a Continuous Delivery Release Schedule. This article explains the frequency of Blackboard updates, as well as provides resources to review the latest release notes and update information.
This article demonstrates the steps in uploading a document through SafeAssign in Blackboard
The Blackboard Text Editor, or Visual Text Box Editor (VTBE) is typically the “Description” field where instructors will add information about a course element they have created. This is also used when instructors provide feedback to students when grading, and where messages to the class or individual students are composed. This field contains many options and features which will be identified in this article.