Uploading YouTube videos to Blackboard


This article demonstrates how students can add YouTube videos on Blackboard




Two ways for students to upload YouTube videos on Blackboard

The first is if you want to search for a video directly on YouTube:

1) Click the MASHUP button

2) Once clicked, three options will appear and YOUTUBE video is one of those



3) Once YouTube is clicked, it will open a search box to search for a specific YouTube video

4) Once you search, you will see results populate as if you were directly on YouTube


5) Click select and the video will be placed in the description box.

6) Click Submit in the description box and the YouTube will be successfully uploaded

The second way is copying the HTML from youtube:


1) Go to the video on youtube.com

2) Click share, and proceed to click EMBED

3) Copy all the contents under EMBED VIDEO

4) Go back into BLACKBOARD and instead of clicking MASHUP, CLICK HTML on the far right of that row


5) Paste the copied HTML into the box and click UPDATE.


6) Once updated, you will see the YOUTUBE video.


7) Click SUBMIT to complete the upload of the video



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