Blending Courses in Blackboard



This article demonstrates the steps in blending two courses for blackboard use



Internal to IT



If a professor makes this request, confirm the blending process and how it differs from cross-listing courses.


1)      Confirm courses that will be blended with professor

2)      Once confirmed, in Colleague, go into the SRSI screen to attain the Synonyms for each of the two courses that will be blended.

3)      Go into the SRSI screen to get the SYNONYMS for each of the courses

4)     Once the synonyms for both courses are attained, go into the XFLTT screen to begin the blending

5)      Go into the empty/available box

6)      Enter the primary course first and enter the SYNONYM for the primary course into the ORIG CODE and PROCESSING Code

7)      Rename course using all the sections being blended (EX: BI-HE-122-WSU2-19SMU2)

8)      Follow the same steps for the other courses that will be blended in XFLTT with their respective SYNONYM in the ORIG CODE box. In the Processing Fields box for the secondary course, enter the synonym of the primary course. 

9)      After the integration into Blackboard, confirm that the blending of the courses are complete, along with confirmed students for both courses are enrolled. 

10) Make the unused shell unavailable from students.


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