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Over Memorial Day weekend 2019, Blackboard is being upgraded, and the method by which login occurs is being changed. This article presents the new methods for logging into Blackboard.







Starting May 26, 2019, you must be logged in to your SPU Google Account to be able to access Blackboard.

There are now two ways to access Blackboard:

A. Logging in via the Google Apps Tile in your SPU Google Account (preferred method):

A1. First, log in to your SPU Google account.

Google Sign-in Button

After logging in, select the "Waffle" icon with nine dots - these are your “Google Apps”. Click this to expand a menu:

Google Waffle Icon expanded to read "Google Apps"

A2. Scroll down to the bottom of this menu and then click on the tile that says “Blackboard”.

Google Apps Tiles - Blackboard Icon at the bottom


A3. After clicking this, you will automatically be logged into Blackboard and directed to the “My Institution” tab.


B. Signing in to Blackboard from the Blackboard Login Page

B1. Before attempting to login to Blackboard, make sure you are logged into your Saint Peter’s University Google Account in your web browser. 

B2. When you access the Blackboard Login page from the University website, you will see a screen similar to the one below. On the Blackboard Login page, select the dropdown “Sign in with third-party account” and select "Saint Peter's University Google Account" from the list. 

Blackboard Learn Login Page


Please note that If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will not be able to access Blackboard.

For more information on logging into your SPU Google Account, or if you experience issues with this, please read this article

  • If you are not logged into any Google or Gmail account, you will be prompted to log in. If you see your SPU Google account appear, then type in the password, click "Sign in", and you will automatically be logged into Blackboard. If a NON-SPU Google account is listed, click the link that says “Sign in with a different account” and input your SPU Google account information. 
  • If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will see the following error message:

Google 403 Error message "App_not_enabled_for_user" with Broken Robot image

  • If you see the above message, make sure to log OUT of your personal Gmail or Google account, and log in to your SPU Email/Google account, and go back to Step B1 to log in. 


  1. I see an error message when I am attempting to log in to Blackboard, even though i am logged into my Saint Peter's University Google account. The error message says "Blackboard Learn is currently unable to log into your account using SIngle SIgn-on because the authentication request has expired. Please log of single sign-on and try again."

    1. Log out of Google entirely, then log back in using only your Saint Peter's University Account. Next, go to Blackboard and attempt to log in using the information on the page.

    2. If you get an error message after following Step 1, it seems that you may need to clear your browser's cache so it can "forget" the old credential information first. Browsers tend to "hold on" to site information to make loading faster next time they open, and that information could be what's preventing you from being able to access. Even after closing your browser or restarting the computer, this information is still retained unless you tell the browser to forget it.

      Here's an article on how to clear your browser cache, which lists how to do it for Google Chrome and other browsers 
    3. After clearing your browser cache, go back to Step 1 above.

  2. I keep seeing a Google Error page when I try to log in to Blackboard.

    1. On the Web browser you are using, make sure that you are completely logged out of any non-SPU Gmail/Google accounts, and that you are logged in to your SPU Google account ONLY.
    2. If you are logged in to your SPU Google account and still see this error, please contact IT Client services at 201-761-7800 or via Get Help
  3. I don’t see the Blackboard LMS tile in my Google Apps.

    1. Make sure you are logged into your SPU Google account and not a non-SPU account.
    2. The tile that you have to click on will appear near the bottom of the Google Apps area - make sure you have scrolled down to the bottom, or click the "more" button if you are viewing in full-screen mode to display more content. 
    3. If you are sure you are logged into your SPU Google account, and after expanding the Google Apps, you are still not able to see the Blackboard LMS Tile, please contact IT Client services at 201-761-7800 or Get Help
  4. I am not able to log into the Blackboard Mobile App. 

    1. You may need to clear the application's cache so it can "forget" the old credential information first, allowing you to access the new log in screen on your Blackboard App.

Please read this article, which provides information on clearing the Application cache on mobile devices from both iPhones and Androids. 

  1. Why was the login method changed? I was able to log in just fine before.

    1. Many institutions and companies utilize a single sign-on process - the new login method is a step in that direction. This also ensures that Google Items that are hosted in Blackboard will be able to access more easily, without requiring an additional login.

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