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You can now access Saint Peter’s Intranet from the convenience of your SPU Google account, either through the “Google Apps” Dashboard or “Waffle” menu.
For online classes, it is recommended that Faculty utilize virtual "office hours" during which students are encouraged to reach out and ask questions about their course or assignments. This article demonstrates several methods and tools that can be used for faculty to conduct office hours virtually, in addition to best practices.
When sending out an email message to a large group of people within a distribution list, your goal is to make sure as many people on that list can see and choose to open your message as possible. This article covers several best practices for forming an email message in a way that mitigates recipients rejecting your message and/or marking the message as malicious or spam.
As Saint Peter's University is a "Google School", all faculty, staff, and students have access to this suite of tools. Google Docs is a powerful tool, as it allows files to be created and accessed across all platforms, browsers and devices in a single web-based format. However, there are many applications that our community use, in which specific file types need to be utilized, such as Word documents (.DOCX) or PDF files. The focus of this article is how to use Google Docs to produce these.
During September and October 2020, Google has rolled out several key updates for the Google Meet collaboration tool. This article addresses these updates, indicates who is affected by them, and provides information on how to use these new features. While this article contains the latest updates from Google Meet as of October 2020, new tools and additional features are continually being released. We advise you to subscribe to the Google Meet Updates Blog for the latest updates.
This article answers common technical questions received by IT Client Services at the start of each semester.
Set of steps for accepting email delegation and how to access those accounts.
This article will walk you through the process of enabling two-factor authentication.
Google Drive is a place where you can store, retrieve, organize, and share files. It’s in the cloud, so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, from any computer or mobile device, by using your Saint Peter’s email address and password to log in. This training will cover the basics of Drive - how to access it, how to upload files, how to download files, how to create folders and organize files, and how to share files with others.
Zoom is an audio-video collaboration tool with many exciting features, and a variety of uses. In addition to being able to schedule, host and join one-on-one or group meetings, Zoom has a shared whiteboard, breakout rooms, live polling and feedback, hand-raising, and the ability to utilize custom background images during your meeting. This article highlights how to get started with Zoom as well as where to find additional assistance and information on setting up and using this tool.
Google Assignments is a tool that allows Instructors to create, maintain and manage assignments in Google, and make them available to students via Blackboard. This article demonstrates how to add Google Assignments to your Blackboard course, and identifies resources for using this tool.
Over Memorial Day weekend 2019, Blackboard is being upgraded, and the method by which login occurs is being changed. This article presents the new methods for logging into Blackboard.
FAQ for Accessing Google, Troubleshooting guide
Saint Peter’s University utilizes a variety of instructional tools in its distance learning courses, and those tools may also be used in non-distance learning courses. This guide will help locate support for these tools.
This document will walk you through the process of installing the "Pharos Chrome Print" extension.