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Google Assignments is a tool that allows Instructors to create, maintain and manage assignments in Google, and make them available to students via Blackboard. This article demonstrates how to add Google Assignments to your Blackboard course, and identifies resources for using this tool. 


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To begin, log into your Saint Peter's University Blackboard account, and access a course in which you are an instructor or administrator. 

Once you have entered the Blackboard course, enter a Content area via the course's left menu. Examples of Content areas you may find are "Week by Week", "Start Here", "Assessments & Rubrics", or you can create your own new Content area. 

After selecting and entering the Content area where you would like to place the Google Assignment, at the top left of the middle pane, hover over "Build Content", and towards the bottom of the pop-up, select "Google Assignments".

The first time you do this, you will be asked to link your Google Account. Make sure your Saint Peter's University email is shown, and click 'Link". 

Then, accept the terms, by clicking the blue "Link" button once more. 

Once this has been set up, continue, and you will be able to set up a Google Assignment: 

Once you create the assignment by clicking the "Create" button, it will add a column to your course's grade center, and a Web Link to this Google assignment will appear in your Blackboard course for your students to access.

Google Assignment submissions can also be accessed from your Google Drive - once you set this up for the first time, a new folder called "Assignments" is created for you. Within here, you will find a separate folder for all Blackboard classes you have added Google Assignments to, titled by the ID of the course.

Within these subfolders, Each Google Assignment you have added to your course appears in a separate folder.

Clicking on the subfolder containing the name of the Google Assignment will display student's submissions. 



- On your Blackboard course, If you click through the Assignment's Web link that is created, you can view and edit your Google Assignment. Please note that if you modify the name or point value of the Google assignment after you have created it, it will NOT automatically update the created Blackboard entry and grade center column with this information. 

- Once students submit their Google assignment, you will not be notified via Blackboard - you will need to review the assignment submissions via the Google Assignment's Web Link. Here, you can see who has submitted, and provide them with a grade and feedback. Once submitted, the grade will appear in your Blackboard course's gradebook in the grade center column for the Google Assignment. In your Blackboard course's gradebook, viewing the submission attempt will connect you directly to the Google Assignment page on Google. 

More information about Google Assignments, including how to create, manage, and maintain these, can be found here. 


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