Using Google Docs to Produce Word Documents (.DOCX) and PDF (.PDF) files


As Saint Peter's University is a "Google School", all faculty, staff, and students have access to this suite of tools. Google Docs is a powerful tool, as it allows files to be created and accessed across all platforms, browsers and devices in a single web-based format. However, there are many applications that our community use, in which specific file types need to be utilized, such as Word documents (.DOCX) or PDF files. The focus of this article is how to use Google Docs to produce these types of files as output. 






These steps are intended to be used in cases where you need to produce a Word Document or PDF file, but you do not have Microsoft Word or a PDF maker installed on your device. If you have already created your file in Google Docs, you can skip to Step 4. 

1. First, log into your Saint Peter's University Email Account. This can be done by logging into your Saint Peter's Email Account on the web, by accessing 

After you log in, you will see all your Google Apps. 

2. From here, click "Docs". 

3. Now, you are in Google Docs. Create your document here - Please note that when you are working on your file:

  • You must have a dedicated Internet connection, and be connected to the Internet to access and make edits to this file
  • There is no need to save - it will automatically save changes after a few seconds, which are then time stamped. 
  • If you are unhappy with any changes, you can revert the file to a previous version.
  • Make sure you create a title for your file by clicking the "untitled document" box at the upper right and then typing a file name in. this will help you find the file later on if you need to retrieve it from your Google Files:


4. Once you have completed your document and you want to create an output file to download, at the upper left, go to "File" and then select "Download As", and another menu will appear - from here, select the type of file you wish to output as, such as Word Doc (.docx) or PDF. 



5. The file will now download to your local device in the format you have chosen. 




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