Uploading a document through SafeAssign in Blackboard


This article demonstrates the steps in uploading a document through SafeAssign in Blackboard






The steps below give instructors the capability to upload papers that were emailed directly to them, rather than submitted through their Blackboard course. This will allow instructors to attain the SafeAssign Report after submitting through what is commonly known as  Direct Submit. 

  1. Under Course Tools, click the SafeAssign link


2) When clicked, you will be directed to the SafeAssign options, which include three options: SafeAssign Items, DirectSubmit, and Suggest URL. Choose DirectSubmit.


3) In DirectSubmit, click Submit Paper


4) To upload the document, click Choose File:

5) Once the file is chosen and submitted, the uploaded file will run through SafeAssign.

6) Dependent on the file size, the report make take a few seconds or minutes to run. Once it’s run, you will be able to access the  SafeAssign)Report.



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