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Blackboard is updated on a Continuous Delivery Release Schedule. This article explains the frequency of Blackboard updates, as well as provides resources to review the latest release notes and update information. 







Saint Peter's University is running Blackboard via SaaS - this means that the instance is hosted and managed on a cloud-based platform, and updates are released and implemented on a periodic basis without the need for downtime. Updates are performed in a manner that mitigates latency or strain on server resources.

The method of release deployment that is being used is called "Continuous Delivery". With this type of deployment, non-critical and minor patches, updates and fixes to the platform are released to our Test environment approximately three weeks in advance of a production release, after which they are enabled on the live environment. Updates to our production environment occur approximately once per month, and will typically be made available during the first week of each month. At that time, the Release notes page is updated. 

The table below indicates the most recent updates and upcoming planned updates through December 2021.

Release Number Release to Test Servers* Release to Production Servers*
v3900.28.0 9 November 2021 2 December 2021
v3900.26.0 12 October 2021 4 November 2021
v3900.23.0 7 September 2021 7 October 2021
v3900.21.0 10 August 2021 2 September 2021
v3900.19.0 6 July 2021 5 August 2021
v3900.17.0 8 June 2021 1 July 2021
v3900.15.0 11 May 2021 3 June 2021
v3900.12.0 6 April 2021 6 May 2021
v3900.10.0 9 March 2021 1 April 2021
v3900.8.0 9 February 2021 4 March 2021
v3900.6.0 12 January 2021 4 February 2021
v3900.4.0 8 December 2020 7 January 2021
v3900.2.0 10 November 2020 3 December 2020
v3900.0.0 13 October 2020 4 November 2020

*These dates are approximate. Blackboard may be updated a couple days before or after this date.
Release notes are published on or about the same day a release reaches Test servers.


The latest release notes for Blackboard can always be found on this page:


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