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This article describes how to operate the Classroom Control Panel in a CLASSIC Classroom.
There are two different options that can be used to set up a classroom display: Mirroring and Extending. This article defines what these are, and provides steps on how to check and set this for a classroom. The article includes both a demonstration video and step-by-step instructions.
Airtame allows you to connect a laptop to the front display of many Standard or Hyflex classrooms. It is compatible with Windows and Mac laptops, and is a great way to seamlessly display a laptop computer's contents onto your classroom's front display, without needing to use any plugs or adapters. This training shows how to connect to Airtame in a classroom.
Google Drive is a place where you can store, retrieve, organize, and share files. It’s in the cloud, so it can be accessed anywhere and anytime, from any computer or mobile device, by using your Saint Peter’s email address and password to log in. This training will cover the basics of Drive - how to access it, how to upload files, how to download files, how to create folders and organize files, and how to share files with others.
Chrome devices, including Chromeboxes and Chromebooks, have emerged as an affordable, popular alternative to Windows and Mac computers over the past few years, for faculty and students alike. Here at Saint Peter’s University, all our classrooms are now equipped with Chromebox devices, replacing the VDI system. This training goes over the features of the Chromebox devices in classrooms, how to use them, and best practices.
If you plan on using audio files or playing videos in your classroom, please note there are multiple places where the volume or sound can be enabled or muted. If you experience issues with volume or sound output in your classroom, please make sure to check the following areas outlined in this article.
This article describes how to use Hybrid Flexible classroom technology
This article describes how to operate the Classroom Control Panel in a STANDARD Classroom.
All classroom computers contain Chromeboxes. Chromeboxes are not supposed to be switched off; however, sometimes people do switch them off, or they may be off because of a power outage. Podium display monitors should also not be switched off, and sometimes they may get disconnected due to loose cables. This article provides steps to ensure your classroom Chromebox is on, and your podium display monitor is properly connected, if these are not working in your classroom.
This article resolves a common issue that occurs when a Blackboard user attempts to access a Blackboard course in a windowed screen (the menu is contracted), providing details about how to expand the left navigational menu.