Classroom Technology: Mirroring and Extending your Display


There are two different options that can be used to set up a classroom display: Mirroring and Extending. This article defines what these are, and provides steps on how to check and set this for a classroom. The article includes both a demonstration video and step-by-step instructions. 



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Mirroring means that whatever you see on your podium display is the exact same thing as what is shown on the front display of your classroom - when you move your mouse at the podium, the mouse moves on the front display screen as well in real-time. 

Extending means that what is displayed at the front of a classroom is an extension of what’s displayed on your podium display - that is, your podium display acts more like a “staging” area, and students won’t see any files, applications or windows you have opened until you drag them over to the side of your screen (after which they will be taken off the podium display and added to the classroom display). When using an extended screen, you would need to also drag the application, file or window off the side of the front display in order to bring it back to be seen on your podium display.

The video below demonstrates and explains how this works, and shows how to toggle between the two settings.

Here are the steps in order for checking and changing the display. 

1. After logging into your classroom computer, click on the time at the lower right corner of the screen. 

2. Next, click the cog/wheel - this will bring you into “settings”.

3. Then, click “Device” on the left side.


4. Finally, click “Displays”.


5. If mirroring is enabled, you will see the below image. To change this setting to Extended, untick the box, and changes will take place immediately.


6. If extended is enabled, you will see the below image. To change the setting to Mirrored, tick the box, and changes will take place immediately.


Note: If you change this setting in your classroom, make sure to change it back before you sign off the computer, as a courtesy to the next faculty member using the room. 



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