Refreshing a LIVE Excel Sheet


This article demonstrates the steps to refresh a LIVE Excel sheet




When attempting to run a DATA REFRESH on a report, please be aware that you must be on campus in order for the report to successfully refresh.

1 – Open the Live-Excel Report.

2 – If you are prompted, click on the “Enable Editing” button, to connect to the database.

You may also be prompted for “Enable Content”.   Click this button too.


3 – Click on the ‘Data’ tab.  (See red circle below).


4 – Click on the Refresh Icon.     Click on Refresh All.


5 – Depending on the report, you may see a small pop-up box, asking for some additional information.   If you do receive a small pop-up box, type in the needed request and select OK.


You will now see a small green globe at the lower left of your screen, telling you the report is running in the background.  


When completed, all available records for the report will be displayed.



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