Using SafeAssign's DirectSubmit to check for Plagiarism on Assignments not submitted on Blackboard


Blackboard's SafeAssign Plagiarism checker can be used to check for Plagiarism on student's assignment submissions, if enabled, and the student completes these submissions through the LMS. In cases where Plagiarism is suspected, and the SafeAssign service is not enabled in an assignment, or the student fails to use the LMS to submit a digital copy, the Instructing Faculty may use the DirectSubmit service to check the file for possible plagiarism. 



University Employees



This tool can be used in any of the following situations: 

  • A student emails an assignment to the Professor instead of submitting it via Blackboard.
  • A student uses the Blackboard Mobile App to submit an assignment, circumventing SafeAssign.
  • SafeAssign was not enabled for an assignment a student has submitted, but the Professor wants to check it for possible plagiarism. 

This check can be performed by ANY user who has instructor-level permissions in any Blackboard course, and does not necessarily need to be performed within the same Blackboard course that the assignment is for. The reason for this is because all DirectSubmit entries are attributed to the user who uploads them (the instructing faculty) and can be accessed within any course where that user is an instructing faculty. 

Step 1: The Instructing Faculty member enters a Blackboard course in which they have Instructor access to. 

Step 2: On the left menu, scroll down past the buttons and into the Control Panel, and expand "Course Tools". Click on "SafeAssign". 

Step 3: Click on "DirectSubmit". 

Step 4: Here, you will see any past files that you have performed DirectSubmit with, as well as their originality reports and plagiarism summaries. At the upper right, there are 2 options: "Private" and "Shared". "Private" indicates that the entries are only available to you as the instructing faculty, while "Shared" means that any other instructing faculty in that course will have access to these entries. By default, "Private" is enabled. 

Step 5: Click "Submit Paper"


Step 6: Choose how you want to add the file - you may browse from your computer, or copy and paste the text directly. The types of acceptable files for upload are listed here as well. When completed, click "Submit". 

Step 7: You will be taken back to the screen from Step 4 while the originality report generates. This may take several seconds to several minutes, depending on the length, size, and complexity of the file. If this is taking too long, make sure to check the SafeAssign Status page to see if there is a documented delay: You may also choose to subscribe to this service to get email updates when there is a change. 

After you submit the paper, you'll see "Minus" icons indicating the paper is still being processed.

Step 8: Once this process is completed, you will see the percentage summary, and be able to view the Originality report. Click the green icon (SA Report) to view the Originality report. 

The submitted file will be checked against the same services as a file that is normally submitted via SafeAssign. 


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