How to Grade using a Rubric on Blackboard


When grading assignments and discussions on Blackboard, Rubrics can be incorporated and used to guide grading. This article guides an Instructor on how to use a Rubric when performing inline grading in Blackboard, and assumes that the Instructor has already created a rubric on Blackboard to be used (for more information on this, please see "How to Create a Rubric on Blackboard") 



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Note: Your rubric must be set up first in order for you to be able to use in when grading. If you have not set up a Rubric yet in your Blackboard course, please refer to "How to Create a Rubric on Blackboard". 

1. Enter the Full Grade Center of your course in Blackboard, or "Needs Grading", if you prefer to use this interface to locate completed assignments.

2. Locate a submission that is ready to be graded, and enter that submission. From "Needs Grading". this is done by clicking on the student's name - from "Full Grade Center", this is done by locating the cell containing the submission, clicking the chevron, and selecting the "Attempt".

3. On the right side of the inline grading area, click the little arrow between the "Submission" and the "Attempt" areas. 

4. This will show any rubrics you have associated with the assignment. Click on a rubric's name to expand the rubric. 


5. Once your rubric appears, you can use it to grade the assignment submission. If you'd like to leave feedback for each area of the rubric, click "Show Feedback" and you can type out comments to your student pertaining to that area of the rubric your are assessing with. You can also click "Show Descriptions" if you would like to display the factors differentiating each level of achievement. It is recommended to tick BOTH boxes to better assist you with grading. 


5a. Alternatively, you can click the white "boxes" icon instead to po-up the rubric in a separate window. This may give you a more comfortable view. 


6. Once you have graded the assignment using the rubric, at the bottom of this area, you will see a "raw total" area - LEAVE THIS BLANK. Below this, you can insert "overall" feedback on the assignment you have graded based on the rubric. When you are ready, click "Save Rubric". 

7. This will bring the "raw total" from the rubric into your grading box at the upper right. If you need to make any adjustments to it, do so here, and make any additional comments to the student regarding their submission. Once done, click "Submit" to save and send the grade to the student. This grade will also be preserved in your grade center. 


8. If you would like to review a student's submission after you have graded it, go to the Full Grade Center, and view the student's attempt: 

When you re-enter the submission, you will see the marks you have left as well as comments you have made.   


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