Setting up and grading a Blackboard Discussion Board


The Discussion Board allows for asynchronous discussion and collaboration to take place within a Blackboard course. A Discussion Board can be used for Student Lounges, FAQs, as well as graded assignment, assessment and project submissions. This article explains the components of a Discussion Board and demonstrates how to set up forums and grade submissions. 



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Click on the video tutorial below to proceed. Within the video, you can find information at the following timestamps: 

1:45 - Key elements of a Discussion Board, and how they work

2:42 - Overview of how a Discussion Board works

3:35 - How students access your Discussion Board

4:40 - Setting up Discussion Forums

17:00 - Editing/Copying/Deleting a Discussion Forum

17:59 - Grading your Discussion Forums


We recommend that you play the video in full-screen if possible - to enable full screen, click the "full screen" icon at the lower right corner of the video. Closed Captioning is available by clicking the CC button the bottom of the video - this is currently auto-generated, but more comprehensive subtitles will be published shortly. 

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