Setting up and grading a Blackboard Discussion Board


The Discussion Board allows for asynchronous discussion and collaboration to take place within a Blackboard course. A Discussion Board can be used for Student Lounges, FAQs, as well as graded assignment, assessment and project submissions. This article explains the components of a Discussion Board and demonstrates how to set up forums and grade submissions. 



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Click on the video tutorial below to proceed. Within the video, you can find information at the following timestamps: 

1:45 - Key elements of a Discussion Board, and how they work

2:42 - Overview of how a Discussion Board works

3:35 - How students access your Discussion Board

4:40 - Setting up Discussion Forums

17:00 - Editing/Copying/Deleting a Discussion Forum

17:59 - Grading your Discussion Forums


We recommend that you play the video in full-screen if possible - to enable full screen, click the "full screen" icon at the lower right corner of the video. Closed Captioning is available by clicking the CC button the bottom of the video - this is currently auto-generated, but more comprehensive subtitles will be published shortly. 

If you have any additional questions on Blackboard Discussion Boards, complete the LMS Consultation form, and we will be happy to provide assistance. 


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