Presenting Audio Powerpoints & other Advanced Microsoft files in your Classroom


This article describes how to use the Apporto Desktop to access Audio PowerPoints and other advanced Microsoft files (as well as SPSS files) in classrooms and labs using Chromeboxes.. 




When you log in on a Chromebox in a classroom or lab, you will see the "My Apps" dashboard.  From here, select the Apporto icon.

This will bring you to the Saint Peter’s Apporto page, click the app store icon (Four white squares with a pink border), and it will show you the available software.

For this particular purpose, you want to click on the "Apporto Desktop" icon. 

This will launch a new desktop and automatically open the Edge web browser, bringing you to the Blackboard log in page. 

  • The first time you launch Apporto Desktop, before you see the Blackboard login page you may be asked to set up Microsoft Edge.  If this occurs, click "complete setup", then "confirm" and then "proceed without signing in". 

Audio PowerPoints & other Advanced Microsoft files can be opened on Apporto by downloading and opening them from Blackboard, or by downloading and opening them from your Google Drive. The below steps address these two different methods for accessing your files. 

Accessing Audio PowerPoints & other Advanced Microsoft files from Blackboard on Apporto

1. From the "Sign in with a third-party account" drop down, select "Saint Peter's University Google Account". If prompted, enter your SPU email address and password.

2. Once you are signed into Blackboard, navigate to your course and the content you wish to present. In this example, we are presenting a PowerPoint file with Audio, but you would be following the same steps for Word documents, Excel files, and SPSS files.

3. Clicking on the link to the PowerPoint file will begin to download it to the Apporto Desktop. 

4. Once the download completes, click "Open File".

5. The file will open in the application that it is associated with; in this case, PowerPoint:

6. From here, you can start the presentation as you normally would.  If this is a PowerPoint with embedded audio, as long as the file is opened with PowerPoint, the audio will play when the file is presented.


Accessing Audio PowerPoints & other Advanced Microsoft files from Google Drive on Apporto

From your Classroom Chromebox, or from a Chromebook device, you can also access and display files you have stored in your SPU Google Drive within Apporto. 

1. At the top left corner of the Apporto screen, you will see 4 icons. Select the "file upload" icon - it has a Cloud, and an "up" arrow. 

2. A menu of file upload options will pop up. Select the Google Drive option on the left. If you own the file, it will be within "My Drive", if someone else owns it, it will be under "Shared with me". 

3. Search for, or navigate through your Google Drive to the PowerPoint, Word, Excel, or SPSS file you would like to open, and select it.

4. Next, click the blue "Open" button at the bottom. 

5. The file will then upload. Once this is complete, a message will appear to indicate the upload is complete, and the file will appear on the desktop. Make sure to minimize or close the Edge web browser to be able to see the Apporto desktop icons.

6. You can locate the file on the Apporto Desktop and double-click it; it will then launch in the appropriate application. 

For more information about Google Drive in general, please read our article on using Google Drive. 

For more information about using Apporto in general, please read our article on Accessing and Using Apporto Applications.