Accessing Software via Apporto


This article describes how to access and use individual virtualized software applications via Apporto. For a better experience, you may wish to choose the Apporto Desktop, which will allow you to run one or more Apporto applications within a simulated PC interface. 





Go to, you will be prompted to log into your Saint Peter’s Google account (if you haven’t already), and select the Apporto icon.

This will bring you to the Saint Peter’s Apporto page, click the app store icon (4 pink squares), and it will show you the available software.


Find the software you want to use, then click the launch button. You may choose the "Apporto Desktop" if you wish to run one or more applications in a simulated PC environment.

This will launch a new tab in your web browser and load the software. 

To save your document, go to File > Save. Files will be saved to your Apporto Cloud.


In the top left corner of the screen, you will see 4 icons.

From left to right, these icons do the following:

  • Toggle Full Screen - Makes the software take up your entire monitor.  Click it again to go back to windowed mode
  • File Upload -Add files to the Apporto Cloud (Desktop or Documents) in order to open files from your local device on Apporto applications(File > Open).
  • File Download-Save your file (File > Save in the application) on Apporto (Desktop or Documents), then download your work from the Apporto Cloud to your local device.
  • Audio On/Off - Mute and unmute audio within the software


When you are done using the software, close the tab.

Click on your email address on the top right, then click logout.

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