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Apporto is a tool that allows you to access software that’s not directly installed on your computer, in a virtual, remote environment. You can connect to Apporto through your Saint Peter’s Google account and use it to access applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SPSS, and more. This training will show how to access Apporto, and use applications within this service.
This article will show you how to log in to the Cisco VPN client with the Duo Security MFA service.
Apporto is used to access software available to the Saint Peter’s community from your web browser. This article describes how to access and use individual virtualized software applications via Apporto. For a better experience, you may wish to choose the Apporto Desktop, which will allow you to run one or more Apporto applications within a simulated PC interface.
This will provide users with instructions on how to transfer files from the Home drive to their Google drive.
This lists the workflow of ordering computer hardware and software for the University.
This will walk a user through how to install Google Drive for Desktop on a desktop or laptop running macOS.
This article will show you how to find and use the Snipping tool in Windows 7 and 10 devices to save screenshots.
This article will walk a user through the first-time setup process for DUO Security for VPN Access