How to Create a PDF of your Blackboard Test


If you have created a test, quiz, or exam using Blackboard Tests, there is no direct way to export this to a readable format outside of Blackboard. This article will demonstrate steps to create a PDF file of your Blackboard Test using Google Chrome that can be shared outside of Blackboard. 



University Employees



To create a PDF of your Blackboard Test: 

  1. Access your Blackboard Course. 

  2. Locate the Blackboard test. Hover over the name, and click the chevron that appears to the right. Click the chevron and select “Edit the Test”

  1. You will see your Test canvas. Reduce the left menu by clicking on the thin line between the left menu and the test canvas (it may appear Blue or Grey): 

  1. Aftter compressing your left menu, go to the Print menu on your browser. If you are on Google chrome, you can click the 3-dot icon at the upper right and then select “Print”. OR, you can press CTRL + P on your keyboard if you are on a PC, or COMMAND + P if you are on a Mac. 

  1. Set the Destination to “Adobe PDF “ or “PDF” or “Save as PDF”. Note that different browsers may display this differently, or it may be under “See More”. 


  1. After selecting the PDF option, click Save: 

  1. You will be asked to input a file name, and select a location where it will be saved. Enter the name you would like for the PDF file, or use the default name. Then, click “Save”, and you will have the PDF saved on your computer in that location. 



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