How to use a Grading Schema on Blackboard


The Grading Schema on Blackboard is a feature that converts the numerical values of graded assignments/assessments into letters, based on a map. This also can be used to allow faculty to enter in letter grades and have them calculate a numerical value based on a designated range set up in the schema. This training will explain how to set up, configure, and apply a grading schema in a Blackboard course.


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The below embedded video demonstrates the Grading Schema. 

A default grading schema is available in every Blackboard course, but may differ from the schema that your department or school mandates for your course. 

There’s a few important notes about the grading schema:

  • First, even using a grading schema, the grades that you enter on Blackboard are NOT automatically added to SpiritOnline. Even if you use a grading schema, you’ll still need to manually add your letter grades to SpiritOnline. 

  • Second, the grading schema on Blackboard is only relevant if you plan on having students see letter grades for assignments, assessments, or calculated totals within your blackboard course. If you only want students (and yourself) to see numerical grades, then there's no need to set up a grading schema. It’s relevant for letter grades only

  • Third, the default grading schema in your blackboard course right now may differ from the grading schema that is used by your school or department. If this is the case, and you plan on using letter grades on Blackboard, make sure to check your syllabus and ensure that the grading schema matches, and if it does not, correct the one on Blackboard. For example, in some departments, there’s no grade that’s lower than a C, and in some departments, there is no D- grade. Again, if you plan to use letter grading within your Blackboard course, make sure the grading schema matches with your department’s as reflected on your syllabus.

For any further questions on creating, setting up, or using a grading schema, create a service ticket or contact to request assistance. 


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