Creating A Weighted Total In Blackboard


This article demonstrates the steps in creating a weighted total column in Blackboard






The Weighted Total shows the current total as determined by the weighting scheme set in the Edit Column Information. This allows instructors to set the percentages for assignments, tests, discussion boards, and any category they have within their individual course. 

1) In the course in which the weighted total column will be created go into the Full Grade Center

2) Once in the Full Grade Center, confirm if there is already a weighted total column within the FGC. If there is not, click Create Calculated Column and click Weighted Total Column. This will automatically take you into the the column section. However, if there is already a Weighted Total column in your FGC, hover over the column and click the drop down and proceed to click EDIT COLUMN INFORMATION.





3) Once in the Create/Edit column section, you will see SELECT COLUMN. In this section, you will be able to choose how you'd like to separate the percentage of the grade.


4) In my example and recommended, I separated the percentage of the grade by categories. This will allow you to have test, assignment or anything under the category listed to fall under that percentage


6) Once you have set your columns, you can choose whether or not you'd like to have this weighted total column calculated as a running total.

7) When completed, click SUBMIT and your weighted total column is complete and will be updated in the FGC.


8) If at any times, you'd like to make any changes to the Weighted Total Column percentage distributions, simply go into the FGC, and drop down into the EDIT COLUMN info once more and you'll be able to modify if you'd like.



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