Server and workstation software update policy


This policy covers how and when Microsoft software updates will be applied to University provided servers and endpoint devices




This policy applies to all University devices that have Windows or other Microsoft software installed


Microsoft has instituted the process of releasing security updates for all supported Microsoft Windows operating systems and other Microsoft software in batch on the second Tuesday of each month.   These updates are automatically installed on all University owned workstations (desktops and laptops) shortly after their release.  Severs running any version of Microsoft Windows will also get the released updates installed each month.   For most servers the installation of updates Microsoft updates occurs during our standard maintenance window which is Tuesday between 2am and 5am  Some servers will have their own specific maintenance windows which will be published separately.  In all cases Microsoft updates will be installed monthly if not more frequently.

Frequently the installation of Microsoft updates will require a reboot.  In the case of servers, this reboot may result in brief lapses in service availability during the maintenance window.  In the case of workstations, users may be asked to allow their device to reboot or may come to work in the morning to find it has rebooted itself overnight.    These are expected and necessary interruptions.

Furthermore, the Office of Information Technology (IT) monitors the release of Microsoft updates.  There are occasionally cases where certain updates are marked as critical.  IT will install these critical updates on servers and workstation as soon as practical.  When necessary this may result in additional service interruption and additional system reboots outside of the typical scheduled maintenance windows.   In such cases, IT will send out notifications per the IT Communications Plan.


Devices not in compliance to this policy will be disabled from connection to University network and access to University data


IT Governance Committee on 01/11/2022


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