Downloading Blackboard Files on Microsoft Edge Browser


There is a known issue with downloading and accessing files from Blackboard using the Microsoft Edge Browser, specifically Microsoft Office documents. This article provides information about this issue and a workaround solution. 






This issue occurs if you try to download or access Microsoft Office files from Blackboard while accessing Blackboard from the Microsoft Edge Browser. Instead of the file downloading or opening, you may see the following error message display: 

The cause of this issue is due to a setting in the Edge browser which attempts to open these files directly in Edge rather than downloading them. When files are downloaded in our Blackboard instance, a temporary S3 URL is generated, and Edge hands off this URL to the web application. However, the web application does not correctly handle it.

Workaround #1: We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your web browser when accessing Blackboard - If you use Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, you should not encounter this issue, as it is occurring only with the Microsoft Edge browser. 

Workaround #2: If you need to use Microsoft Edge as your browser, you can manually change this setting to prevent downloaded files from being automatically opened in the browser. Here's how: 

1. Open a new tab in the Microsoft Edge Browser. In the URL bar, type or copy in: edge://settings/downloads and press Enter. 

2. Click the blue slider next to "Open Office files in the Browser " to turn it to Off.

After performing these steps, you should be able to download Microsoft Office files from Blackboard using the Microsoft Edge browser. Once the file downloads, you will see something similar to the below image, and can click the "open file" text to open it in the appropriate program. 




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