Student Email for Life Opt-out Policy


The purpose of this policy is described the circumstances under which a student is allowed to opt out of  “email for life”




The principles described herein apply to all members of SPU community.  However it is expected to be of most utility to those who:

  • Are both current employees and former students

  • Do not intend to use their old student email account

  • Wish to avoid the confusion of having multiple accounts in the domain.


The following are definitions of terms used in this policy:

  • G Suite Account: This is the Google account provided to all community members and includes Gmail, Google Drive and other Google services

  • Student G Suite Account: Students of Saint Peter’s University will be provided a University G Suite account.   The email account provided will be used by SPU as the official method of communication.  Students are responsible for checking their University email regularly.

  • Current Student Account Holder:  People  who have been officially admitted to SPU, have a current or future active academic program (i.e. have not graduated or officially withdrawn) and have been registered for at least one class in a term ending no more than 365 days ago

  • Former Student Account Holder:  Alumni and others who were current student account holders at one time but now longer meet the criteria required.

  • Email for Life: SPU provides “email for life” which means a student will retain access to his/her University G Suite account after leaving the University (although this benefit may be rescinded for students who leave the University for disciplinary reasons, see the Student Handbook for details.)   

  • Active Employee G Suite Account: For the purpose of this policy “active employees” includes all full or part time faculty, adjuncts, professional staff or administrators.  It also includes authorized volunteers or contractor employees. It does NOT include those employee positions classified as “work study” or  “student worker” positions. Those who meet these criteria will be provided a University email address and an associated G Suite. Access to such accounts will be terminated once the relationship entitling the individual to the account is ended (e.g. termination, retirement , end of contract, etc.)

  • Dual account holders: Occasionally there are individuals who have multiple relationships with SPU and as such will have multiple G Suite accounts.  For example current employees who are also current students will have G Suite accounts, one for their employee activity and one for their student activity.  In all cases, these account names will differ, for example as the active employee email account and as the student email account.  If employment is terminated, the employee will lose access to the employee G Suite account in accordance with standard termination procedures but will retain access to the student G Suite account by way of “email for life”

Any person who is a former student account holder may opt-out of their “email for life” G Suite account by contacting IT Client Services to make an opt-out request.  Once such a request is made and fulfilled the opt-out decision is not reversible. Furthermore it is the responsibility of the requestor to backup and retain their data outside of their G Suite account.  The Office of Information Technology cannot restore content or access after an opt-out request.

Current student account holders may not opt out of their student email account until they become a former student account holder.  Former student account holders who opted out and subsequently return to the status of current student account holders will be provided a brand new student G Suite account, with no access to content from the account that was previously opted out of.


Requests made by individuals not meeting the criteria described will be rejected.


This policy was approved by the IT Governance Committee on 05/12/2018


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