Technology Acquisition Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish standards, guidelines, and procedures for the purchase and/or lease of all information technology hardware, software, and computer-related components, as well as the contracting of all technical services. This policy will ensure that all Saint Peter’s University purchases and leases align with strategic priorities; existing technical infrastructure, assets, and standards; information security guidelines; legal and regulatory compliance; and optimal use of institutional funds and resources.




This policy applies to all who access the institution’s information technology resources and services, including administrators, faculty, employees, students, contractors, and vendors.


This policy covers all information technology hardware, software, and computer-related components purchased and/or leased with Saint Peter’s University funds. Specifically, the scope of this policy includes, but is not limited to, the following Saint Peter’s University technology resources:

  • Endpoint hardware such as desktops, laptops, printers, and mobile devices
  • Accessories such as cables, connectivity devices, and audio-visual equipment
  • Enterprise infrastructure including servers, switches, and storage devices
  • All software, services, and applications including those provided by an external party
  • Any system/service that consumes, creates, or updates University data including those that allow access using University accounts
  • Databases
  • Technlogy related subscriptions


This policy extends to technical services, such as off-site disaster recovery solutions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs), as well as professional services, such as consultants and legal professionals hired through the Division of Information Technology.  These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Professionals or firms contracted for IT services
  • Technical training services
  • Co-location services
  • Disaster recovery services    
  • Data network services


All hardware, software, or components purchased and/or leased with Saint Peter’s University funds are the property of Saint Peter’s University. This includes items purchased through grants.



  1. The Division of Information Technology is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all hardware and software products purchased and/or leased with University funds.  Through normal operational means, the Division replaces certain hardware on a regular basis and maintains a software library containing products that meet most typical needs.  The purpose of this policy is to define the process by which additional hardware and software products are reviewed, purchased/leased and maintained, with respect to data security, operational integrity, and long-term sustainability.  The Division of Information Technology will neither install nor support hardware or software that has not been approved in advance of purchase and/or lease.  The Division can assist in determining if the University already owns hardware and software that meets departmental needs. 


  1. All purchase and/or lease requests for computer-related components that either A) exceed $50 per unit or $500 total or B) include computers, laptops, tablets, phones, printers, copiers, software, or service contracts must first be approved by a department head (or designee) and then submitted to the Division of Information Technology for approval using the designated Purchase Requisition cost center and object code for technology purchases.   


  1. A Standard Items list will be maintained containing Saint Peter’s University’s pre-approved technology vendors and products. Standard items have been proven to be supportable by the Division of Information Technology, compatible with University systems, and cost effective; therefore, it is strongly recommended departments use this list as a source for products and services.


  1. Upon approval of the department head and Division of Information Technology, if a requested item is already in inventory, then it will be made available to the requestor. Requests for Standard Items not in inventory will be processed according to this policy statement and in alignment with standard Purchasing procedures.


  1. Any requested purchases and/or leases that deviate from the University’s technology standard will require additional evaluation and approvals: 


  1. Level 1 = Department Head Approval
  2. Level 2 = Division of Information Technology Approval
  3. Level 3 = Finance Approval


The decision will be communicated in writing to the requestor. At the sole discretion of the Division of Information Technology, requests whose implementation or deployment are complex, costly, and/or highly visible will be converted into project requests for further consideration.


  1. If approved, a formal selection process will be initiated that will involve thorough vendor sourcing, per the University’s Procurement Policy.


  • The selection process may vary depending on the type, cost, and other purchase significance factors.
  • Individuals requesting non-standard items for purchase and/or lease can suggest a potential vendor if a pre-existing relationship exists between that vendor and Saint Peter’s University.


  1. See the University Procurement Policy for additional purchasing guidelines.


Any community member found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or academic suspension. 


Approved by the President's Cabinet in June of 2020


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