How to Login to Peacock Connect


Peacock Connect is our online engagement platform that allows students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to maximize their campus experience by providing greater access to student organizations, leadership development programs, general programming and other exciting services.  Our campus users are able to easily access information, submit required forms and applications, and maintain all of their involvement information in their user account.

This article demonstrates how to log into Peacock Connect, and contains a video showing how to join and manage joined groups.





Logging in to Peacock Connect

First, log into your Saint Peter’s University Google account - further information on this can be found here. 

Next, go to your Peacock Mail account, and click the 9-dot icon at the upper right:

Scroll to and click the “Peacock Connect” tile. 

OR, go to and click the Peacock Connect tile: 

You should now be logged in to Peacock Connect. 

Navigating Peacock Connect and Joining/Managing Groups

Here’s a helpful 3-minute video showing how to navigate Peacock Connect, how to find and connect with peers, and how to join, manage, and navigate group pages:



Please note that If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will not be able to access Peacock Connect.

  • If you are not logged into any Google or Gmail account, you will be prompted to log in. If you see your SPU Google account appear, then type in the password, click "Sign in", and you will automatically be logged into Peacock Connect. If a NON-SPU Google account is listed, click the link that says “Sign in with a different account” and input your SPU Google account information. 

  • If you are logged into a NON-SPU Gmail or Google account, you will see the following error message:

Google 403 Error message "App_not_enabled_for_user" with Broken Robot image

  • If you see the above message, make sure to log OUT of your personal Gmail or Google account, and use the steps at the top of this article to log in. 

For more information on logging into your SPU Google Account, click here.

If you experience any issues with logging into your SPU Google account, please read this article.

If you experience any technical issues within Peacock Connect, email




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