Using the Control Panel in a Traditional Classroom


This article describes how to operate the Classroom Control Panel in a TRADITIONAL Classroom.






  1. Press the Power Button to turn on the Projector in the classroom. The projector will warm up and then the projection will appear at the front of the classroom. To turn the projector off, you'll need to press this button twice in succession. 

  2. Press Video to connect to the DVD player.

  3. Press COMP to connect to the Classroom Chromebox.
    • Please note that when using the Classroom Chromebox:

      • Click "Sign Out" at the lower right when you are done with using the computer. Do not turn the computer itself off. 

      • Microsoft Office and other programs are not installed on the Classroom Chromebox directly. Opening PowerPoint, Excel, and Word files on your Classroom Chromebox will convert them Google Slides, Sheets and Docs files respectively, which will retain the files' contents, but some features such as embedded audio may be missing. If you need to use Microsoft Office applications, SPSS or other tools, you can use Apporto. Click here for more information and training on Apporto. 

      • Files that you download are added to your Google Drive. Click here for more information and training on Google Drive.

  4. Click the volume buttons to increase or decrease the volume.

Note: If you wish to connect your laptop via the VGA cable, you are encouraged to bring your own converter if your laptop requires one to connect to the podium. Make sure the COMP button is selected, and your laptop is plugged into the VGA cable, and it should display at the front of the classroom. To switch back to the Classroom Chromebox, unplug the laptop from the VGA cable. Some classrooms may have slightly different buttons or features than shown. Contact IT Client Services for information about additional features that may be applicable to your classroom, if they are not mentioned in these steps. 

Click here for our article containing videos on how to use the Control Panel in each type of classroom. 

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If you plan on using audio files or playing videos in your classroom, please note there are multiple places where the volume or sound can be enabled or muted. If you experience issues with volume or sound output in your classroom, please make sure to check the following areas outlined in this article.