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The following article provides documentation to use the Digital Humanities Lab, which is located on the Basement Fl. of the O'Toole Library.
There are several different types of classroom setups at Saint Peter's University. This article contains videos that identify features of each classroom type, as well as demonstrate how to use the control panels in each classroom type to project/display your class materials to your students.
Google Meet has a Recording feature which allows faculty to record their sessions, and share these recordings with their students. This article demonstrates several ways that Faculty can use Google Meet to create a "Lecture Capture" in Google Meet by recording a presentation, then sharing the recording with their students.
If you plan on using audio files or playing videos in your classroom, please note there are multiple places where the volume or sound can be enabled or muted. If you experience issues with volume or sound output in your classroom, please make sure to check the following areas outlined in this article.
There are several ways to host a meeting on Zoom. This article covers the various ways of how to create and manage a meeting in Zoom, as well as where to find additional assistance and information on using this tool.
While there are several different types of classrooms at Saint Peter's University, Degnan Conference (located in Saint Peter's Hall) and Pope Lecture Hall (PLH) uses different controls for presentation purposes with the available technology.  This article demonstrates how to use the control panel to project/display presentation materials to your students.
Using Blackboard Tests, faculty can assess students by creating quizzes, exams or tests that can utilize a variety of question types, include a timer, allow visibility control options, allow additional per-student accommodations to be made, and provide students with feedback and results in a manner that is controlled by the faculty member. This modular tutorial will cover the steps for setting up, deploying and grading a Test on Blackboard.